My dog is 10 months old and very sweet and loving. The problem is he becomes overly excited when anybody comes to the house. We have tried trainers and techniques they have taught us ("place", leash on, etc) but he's wayyyy too hyper and is strong and hasn't been too successful. He jumps like crazy and basically just "attacks" but in a loving, can't stop jumping, kissing kind of way and won't let up for like 20 minutes. That is for just one person. We are having like 15 people over for Thanksgiving and I cant stop stressing about this. Once he settles down he's ok but still can hype up immediately over ANYTHING lol. I want to try using CBD oil just to settle him down and relax more.

I've researched them and found a ton but wanted to know if anyone has had success on a particular oil they have bought because there are so many to choose from. Thanks!!