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*Logan Jack's extremely long & detailed BIRTH STORY!

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Blessed beyond belief

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*Logan Jack's extremely long & detailed BIRTH STORY!

Logan Jack's BIRTH STORY!

I started to go into labor on Tuesday (12/15) which was our 9-year dating anniversary. My contractions started in the morning and by 4 pm, they were consistently coming every 10 minutes and lasted 30-60 seconds. We went to the Melting Pot as planned, and my contractions continued. They weren't very painful at all though, so we were able to enjoy our last dinner out! Around 11 pm, the contractions were every 7 minutes.

On Wednesday (12/16) around 1 am, we decided to take showers and finish packing the hospital bag. We went back to sleep for a bit since the contractions didn't seem to be getting any closer together. My ob/gyn had said to head to the hospital once the contractions were 5 minutes apart, lasting 1+ minute for over 1 hour. Around 3 am, the contractions were every 5 minutes and 1 minute long. I called my mom and told her to get on the next flight to San Diego! And then we went to the hospital. They checked me in at triage and my contractions were coming every 5 minutes but were not very painful. I was 3 cm dilated and 80% effaced. I was told that I could walk the hospital for 2 hours and then be rechecked or I could go home. So I decided to come home and sleep a bit. Around 10, Steve and I went to the mall and walked around for 2 hours. We picked up my mom at the airport around 12:30 and then went for lunch... all this time my contractions were continuing, but inconsistently. My mom and I went to CVS, World Market, and Marshalls to walk around for 2 more hours. During that, my contractions became consistent at 5 minutes apart, so we decided to head home and then to the hospital. Around 5:30, we went to the hospital to get checked again. Now, I was 3.5 cm dilated, 100% effaced. The contractions were ever 4-5 minutes, but still not very painful - so we were given the same options as before and again chose to go home. That night, I couldn't sleep at all because I just kept having contractions and it was really uncomfortable.

On Thursday (12/17), my mom and I tried to kill some time at Target, the dollar store, and another marshalls - and we walked around for a few hours. My contractions continued and started to get a little stronger throughout the day. I went to sleep around 8 that night after a day of complete frustration! Around 9:30, I woke up and saw that I was bleeding. The hospital had said to come back if I began to bleed... so we started to get ready to come back. I then had the most painful contraction! It was so different than before.... I could tell that this was it! The pain was so extreme that I honestly just didn't know what to do with myself! We went back to the hospital and the severe contractions continued every 3-4 minutes. I got checked in at triage again and was 4 cm dilated and in active labor with a bulging bag of waters. While waiting to get taken to a regular room for labor and delivery, the contractions continued and were so painful! I tried sitting, standing, rocking, breathing - and nothing worked!

So now we're basically into Friday (12/18). Around midnight, I got into a regular room and was able to get my epidural. HEAVEN! The epidural itself was painless and the relief was immediate. I felt so happy and was able to get some rest. Around 12:30 am, I was checked again and was only 4.5 cm dilated. I was told that they'd check me again in 2 hours and if I still hadn't made any real progress, they'd break my water and discuss possibly using pitocin (although my doctor said she really didn't want to use it). Around 12:55 am, only 25 minutes later, the doctor who would be delivering the baby cmae in to check me. I was 7 cm dilated! She broke my water at that time since it hadn't broken already. With my lovely epidural, I was able to just SLEEP. Around 3 am, they checked me again and I was 9 cm dilated. Then around 4 am, I was 10 cm and ready to start pushing.

I was actually really surprised that for the pushing, it was just me, Steve, and our nurse. It was really private and peaceful and intimate. I always imagined a million people in the room, bright lights, etc. But it was just us 3... and the lights were dimmed. It was really nice.. I pushed for about 2.5 hours and we tried all different positions. The doctor came to check me again and noticed that I had a fever, baby's heartrate was increasing, and she saw that the baby's head just couldn't get below my pelvic bone. His head kept hitting my pelvic bone which was giving him some bruising and swelling. She said a c-section was our best option.

They brought me to get prepared for the c-section around 6:30 am and said that they'd prep me and then bring in Steve. They administered more medication through the epidural and I felt my legs and stomach start to go numb. All of a sudden, I started to feel like I couldn't breathe. I whispered "I can't breather" and one of the nurses said that if I could talk, then I could breathe. I felt like I was gasping for air... like my chest was also getting numb... and at that point I couldn't talk anymore. It was really scary because I was numb from the shoulders down and I was scared that I wouldn't be able to get anyone's attention - but luckily the doctor looked at me and I mouthed "can't breathe" -- I literally felt like I was going to die at that moment. It was so scary! I heard a ton of commotion from the doctors and heard the doctor say "do NOT bring in the husband" and "we need this baby out NOW" Next thing I knew, I was waking up in recovery. My legs were numb and I wasn't able to get my eyes to focus.

In any case, Logan Jack was born on 12/18 at 7:26 am, weighing 8 lbs, 13 ounces and measuring 19 1/2 inches.

External Image

Steve came into recovery holding the baby, but I wasn't able to focus my eyes to see him. It turns out that my body had a greater-than-expected reaction to the anesthesia causing me to become numb from the shoulders down - including my respiratory muscles.

Once I was able to start to feel my legs and focus my eyes again, I was taken to a private room with baby Loey. From this point on, he never left us! The hospital was really family-centered and the babies all stayed in the rooms with the parents for the entire stay at the hospital. They really encouraged breast-feeding and I was able to have multiple meetings with a lactation consultant during my stay there.

Loey ended up having jaundice - so we needed to stay an extra day for phototherapy treatment. He had to stay under the lights for 24 hours and was only able to be taken out for 30 minutes every 3 hours for a feeding. It was so sad!

External Image

He also ended up losing too much weight. He was born at 8 lbs, 13 ounces on Friday - and Sunday night he was only 8 lbs (0 ounces). We needed to supplement with formula - but I was actually really surprised at how that worked. I always imagined that it need to be in a bottle, but we were able to use a syringe with a long tube attached to it... We sipped the tube into the side of his mouth while he was BFing and that was he could get the supplement AND breastmilk without having to use a bottle. I supplemented with whatever milk/colostrum I could pump, and then we also used some Similac formula. On Monday night he was 8 lbs, 3 ounces... so I guess it worked!

We were released on Tuesday (12/23)... which seemed like an eternity!

Here's Loey meeting his big sister for the first time!

External Image

And here are a few more pictures:

External Image

External Image

External Image

External Image

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Posted 12/27/09 6:34 PM

Stalkers, get a life.

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Re: *Logan Jack's extremely long & detailed BIRTH STORY!

OMG Hayley, how freaking scary about your reaction to the anesthesia!!!! Chat Icon Thank God everything turned out ok! Little Logan is ADORABLE!!!!!!!!! God bless!!! Chat Icon

Posted 12/27/09 6:50 PM

LIF Adolescent

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Re: *Logan Jack's extremely long & detailed BIRTH STORY!

He is beautifulChat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon

Posted 12/27/09 6:51 PM

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Re: *Logan Jack's extremely long & detailed BIRTH STORY!

He is absolutely gorgeousChat Icon ! What a crazy birth story! I am glad to hear that both you and baby Loey are doing well!!!!! Congratulations!Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon

Posted 12/27/09 7:38 PM


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Twin mommy

Re: *Logan Jack's extremely long & detailed BIRTH STORY!

Wow, what a story! I'm glad everything worked out ok, he is absolutely beautiful Chat Icon . Enjoy every second!

Posted 12/27/09 7:50 PM

hello baby Albert

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Re: *Logan Jack's extremely long & detailed BIRTH STORY!

beautiful pictures, congratulations Chat Icon

Posted 12/27/09 8:05 PM


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Re: *Logan Jack's extremely long & detailed BIRTH STORY!

Congratulations Hayley! Logan is beautiful and I loooove the nickname Loey (we call our littlest one Noey).

Scary birth story - but perfect ending!Chat Icon

Posted 12/27/09 8:11 PM


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Re: *Logan Jack's extremely long & detailed BIRTH STORY!

Congrats again my love! I am in love with Loey! And super excited that I can write Loey on the boards!!! You are a mama-I cry every time I say that! Love you all and I can't wait to meet Loey in person! He is such a beautiful mix of mommy and daddy!

Such a beautiful ending to your story! Chat Icon

And I am still freaked about your C story! Feel better and let me know if I can entertain you! Chat Icon

Posted 12/27/09 9:27 PM

Our Gang!

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Re: *Logan Jack's extremely long & detailed BIRTH STORY!

Wow what a Birth story Hayley. So glad you guys are ok. Congrats, Logan is gorgeous!!!!!

Posted 12/27/09 9:43 PM

whatcha doin!?

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Re: *Logan Jack's extremely long & detailed BIRTH STORY!

Thank goodness everything turned out OK! Congratulations on little Logan! I wish you a speedy recovery and many many blessings of happiness with your new family!!

Posted 12/27/09 9:43 PM

I'm a mommy to a 2 year old!!!

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Re: *Logan Jack's extremely long & detailed BIRTH STORY!

Congratulations Haley! He is beautiful!!
Sorry that the labor was so tough. Nothing about this was easy, was it?
Chat Icon Chat Icon

Posted 12/27/09 9:44 PM

I love my baby boy!

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Re: *Logan Jack's extremely long & detailed BIRTH STORY!

Wow that is so scary what happened with the anasthesia! Your little Loey is SO precious!! CONGRATS!

Posted 12/27/09 9:49 PM

s'il vous plaît

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Re: *Logan Jack's extremely long & detailed BIRTH STORY!

Hayley he is an angel Chat Icon I am so sorry you had such a scary birth experience but I am glad you are both doing so well now! Don't worry about the c-section recovery. It will get better very soon! Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon

Posted 12/27/09 9:54 PM

big sister status may 2012!!

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Re: *Logan Jack's extremely long & detailed BIRTH STORY!

congratulations hayley!! look at all loey's hair!!! Chat Icon i'm very sorry about your "moment" and all that crazy reaction to the anesthesia Chat Icon allison was also jaundiced and also lost alot of weight (a pound in three days!!!! Chat Icon) so i know exactly how you feel. Chat Icon hope everything is fabulous from here on out! feel free to FM me, this whole mommy thing can be overwhelming at times!!! Chat Icon love you!! Chat Icon

Posted 12/27/09 9:55 PM

My Girl!!!

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Re: *Logan Jack's extremely long & detailed BIRTH STORY!

Thank GOD everythign turned out ok for you and baby Loey...he's gorgeous

Posted 12/27/09 11:24 PM


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Re: *Logan Jack's extremely long & detailed BIRTH STORY!

I am glad that everything turned out to be o.k. Thank you for sharing your birth story.
He is beautiful. Congratulations to you and your family!

Posted 12/27/09 11:37 PM

The Perfect Pair

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Best Wife & Mommy

Re: *Logan Jack's extremely long & detailed BIRTH STORY!

He is Gorgeous!!!

Posted 12/28/09 8:03 AM


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Re: *Logan Jack's extremely long & detailed BIRTH STORY!

absolutely gorgeous!!!!!! Chat Icon

Posted 12/28/09 8:27 AM

3 boys and a princess!

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Re: *Logan Jack's extremely long & detailed BIRTH STORY!

Wow, what a story! Chat Icon I can't believe u had such a bad reaction----Steve must have been going crazy!
I know that your long journey was worth it bc your son is beautiful!

Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon

Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon

Posted 12/28/09 8:39 AM

3 Girls for Me!

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Re: *Logan Jack's extremely long & detailed BIRTH STORY!

Oh my goodness- you must've been terrified when you're whole body started to go numb! Thank god you told the doctor and didn't listen to the nurse Chat Icon

He's gorgeous Hayley!!! That hair Chat Icon Chat Icon

Posted 12/28/09 9:07 AM


Member since 5/07

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Re: *Logan Jack's extremely long & detailed BIRTH STORY!

Congrats!! He is gorgeous.
I'm so sorry for all you had to go through but thank god everything turned out ok!

Beautiful pictures!

Posted 12/28/09 9:32 AM

Beyond Blessed <3

Member since 2/08

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Re: *Logan Jack's extremely long & detailed BIRTH STORY!

He is beautiful!!! Look at that hair!!! I love the pic of him with your dh, so sweet!!

Posted 12/28/09 9:36 AM

One day at a time

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Re: *Logan Jack's extremely long & detailed BIRTH STORY!

Congrats Hayley! Logan is beautiful and I'm so happy to see your dream of becoming a mommy finally realized! You and Steve deserve all the happiness in the world with little Logan!Chat Icon

Posted 12/28/09 10:25 AM

LIF Adult

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Re: *Logan Jack's extremely long & detailed BIRTH STORY!

Congrats! He is gorgeous!!! Lots of happiness and good health in the new year :)

Posted 12/28/09 10:36 AM

LIF Infant

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Re: *Logan Jack's extremely long & detailed BIRTH STORY!

he is gorgeous! congrats! Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon

Posted 12/28/09 11:25 AM
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