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Lauren Elizabeth 8/3/09 (long w/section compl.)

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Year for change!

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Lauren Elizabeth 8/3/09 (long w/section compl.)

So my c-section was scheduled for the 7th but the morning of the 3rd was a little different. DH and I woke up at 6am and i felt what i can only describe as a hard "flick" in my tummy and a little fluid, which i wrote off as discharge. Boy was i wrong when i got out of bed, i had a large gush and the floor was covered. DH was getting ready for work, he gave me towels, i got in the shower, blew dried my hair and out my makeup on before going to the hospital. DH was a little nervous.
We got the hospital at 8:30am, i was a figertip dilated and having a few contractions about 5 minutes apart but they weren't too painful.
The nurse came in to do the IV for the c-section, boy was that a process. It took 5 people and 2 hours to put an IV in me because every time i would have a contraction, my veins would go away. They finally got it (which ended up failing later that night and had to come out).
DH was given his scrubs and i was wheeled into the OR at 12:20pm. I was starting to freak out realizing that they were about to put the needle in my spine and that i would be a mom in less than 20 minutes!!Chat Icon I was all alot for me. The nurse i think noticed and shoved my head into her boobs and kept telling me to breathe!! Chat Icon
After the spinal and the catheter, they got me into position the doc came in (my OB was on figgin vacation so the other on-call OB did the section) They went and got DH and as soon as he came in the room, i hear " we have a head"!! Then she was out and screaming and flailing all around. DH was really only in the OR with me for a 5 minutes, he went with DD to the nursery and to show her to everyone while i got closed up.
I was in recovery for an hour itching like crazy from a reaction from one of the medications. I got back to the room and attempted the BF'ing, which she did at first and then she started refusing. Come to find out she has my very high upper palate and is unable to latch so I exclusively pumped.
We delivered on Monday and i left Thursday and we went home.
This is where is gets hairy:
By Monday i started having chills and my temp went to 99.8, which is high for me. I called the OB, had me come in. I told him none of the pain meds (Vicodin) was working, my temp was up, had chills and wasn't feeling well. They never took my temp, BP, did bloodwork or anything. He felt my belly, gave me Demerol and sent me home. The next day around 5pm, i started to pump, got 2 pumps and started convulsing so bad i had a migraine for 3 days and pulled a muscle in my back. I couldn't even reach my phone right next to me to call for help. Finally after 20 minutes it stopped. Thank god, i wasn't holding Lauren. I called my MIL and DH and OB who said to go the ER. DH came home, MIL watched DD and went to the ER, the said i had a uterine infection and to go see me OB the next day.
Next day: (wedesday) DH stayed home, went to the grocery store and filled my perscription for antibiotics (which did nothing) Im home alone with DD. My temp goes to 104.2, my head is pounding so hard i have to hide in my sweatshirt because the light hurt so bad. DH came home and threw me in the shower and i went to bed and slept until the next day.
Next day: (Thursday) Temp back on to 103.7, extreme pain, constricted breathing, MIL said i looked green. I was horrible. DH was at work. MIL took me and Lauren to OB. I had called OB and said I WAS coming in and they were going to look at me. Got there ay 5. I was bawling in pain from the nright lights from the room i was in. I told OB all my symptoms, he looked at my incision and FINALLY did an internal and told me to go to back to the hospital immediately. He said he didn't like what was coming out of my uterus.
Got to hospital, back on L&D. They did blood test after blood test and finally after 3 sets of blood cultures it came back gram positive for staph infection but by the time they found it, my oxygen was down to 89%, my legs were all a rash and i was lathargic. They sent me straight to the ICU saturday night and pumped me full of some rugges antibiotics. I ended up with pnuemonia and severe uterine infection of staph in my uterus.
They said that the staph got in my uteris from the c-section, which grew for days then jumped into my blood and caused me to be septic and then jumped to my lungs, which caused the pnuemonia.
By sunday they had cleared the pnuemonia and staph but kept me on the antibiotics. I threatened them with bodily harm if they didn't send me home Tuesday afternoon. I had a PICC line inserted from my left upper arm to the large vein in my heart, which I have now and I have to hook myself to an IV and pump myself antibiotics 3 times a day until 9/1 when i can stop the treatment.
On top of that, i was so sick in the hospital, my boobs stop making milk. I went from pumping 5 ounces at a time to barely half an ounce at a time. I have a LC appointment today to try and see what we can do. The OB told me to stop BF'ing because i was just too sick but I am adament on trying to at least get it back for DD. She only got my milk for a week. Im not so happy with my OB missing my diagnosis.But that is another story. The OB told me that out of 100 c-sections, 2-3 women get staph but no one has had it in their blood and lungs like i did. Boy, did i feel lucky!! Chat Icon
For now, I am home with my husband and DD and my PICC line. Can't wait to have that removed and feel normal again. Anyway, that is my weird birth story.
Out of all this, I am so happy to have my beautiful DD!! She is so precious!! Below are some pics of DD and the last is when she came out.

ETA: resize pics

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Posted 8/24/09 7:27 AM

Mommy's Girls! ♥

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Re: Lauren Elizabeth 8/3/09 (long w/section compl.)

JESUS!!!! You poor woman! I hope that you have a claim for Med Mal against your OB and the hospital for the misdiagnoses and improper treatment. Maybe you can get some monetary relief even though you'll never get that time back with your DD. Congratulations Mommy!! Lauren is gorgeous!! Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon

Posted 8/24/09 8:10 AM


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Re: Lauren Elizabeth 8/3/09 (long w/section compl.)

Well I'm sorry to hear about all of your complications after birth, but congratulations on your beautiful baby girl. I hope you are feeling 100% soonChat Icon

Posted 8/24/09 8:35 AM

my little monkey<3

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Re: Lauren Elizabeth 8/3/09 (long w/section compl.)

First off congrats!! Your daughter is GORGEOUS!!!

What happened to you is TERRIBLE Chat Icon That is something they should have caught immediately!!! Good thing you are okay now....

Posted 8/24/09 9:44 AM

Loving every minute

Member since 2/09

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Re: Lauren Elizabeth 8/3/09 (long w/section compl.)

So sorry to hear about your recovery experience, good thing is your healing now!Chat Icon Chat Icon

And even better news you have a beautiful little girl!!!!Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon

Posted 8/24/09 10:36 AM

Mommy of 2!

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Re: Lauren Elizabeth 8/3/09 (long w/section compl.)

So sorry you had to go through such a horrible recovery after birth Chat Icon Congrats on your daughter, she is absolutely adorable!

Posted 8/24/09 11:02 AM

Love my Boys!

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Re: Lauren Elizabeth 8/3/09 (long w/section compl.)

Wow, what a birth story!!! I am so happy you are doing well. Your daughter is so cute!

Posted 8/25/09 12:28 PM

His laugh, Her smile

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Re: Lauren Elizabeth 8/3/09 (long w/section compl.)

Wow - sorry you had such a hard time. But on the bright side - your DD is an absolute cutie pie!

Chat Icon

Posted 8/28/09 12:48 PM

Year for change!

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Re: Lauren Elizabeth 8/3/09 (long w/section compl.)

Thank you ladies! She is the reason I was able to get through all that!!

Posted 9/1/09 6:14 PM

LIF Infant

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Re: Lauren Elizabeth 8/3/09 (long w/section compl.)

Wow I though I had a rough birth!! That is insane. Glad you are well now.

Posted 9/12/09 11:00 PM

She is love!

Member since 11/08

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Re: Lauren Elizabeth 8/3/09 (long w/section compl.)

OH my goodness you poor thing - I'm so sorry you had to go through all that!

Lauren is sooo beautiful, congratulations!!!

Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon

Posted 9/14/09 8:12 PM


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Re: Lauren Elizabeth 8/3/09 (long w/section compl.)

OMG...I am so sorry you had to go through all of this, but letme tell you...your little girl is the cutest congrats!Chat Icon

Posted 9/22/09 12:28 AM

His laugh, Her smile

Member since 12/06

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Re: Lauren Elizabeth 8/3/09 (long w/section compl.)

Yipes! Sorry you had such problems.

But she is gorgeous!

Posted 9/25/09 12:26 PM
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