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Gabrielle and AJ October 2nd 2008

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My twins are one!!!

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Gabrielle and AJ October 2nd 2008

Starting on Sunday I began to not feel right… something was off and I wasn’t sure what it was but I thought maybe I was going into labor.. I started having a dull back ache and I felt my baby girl pressing on my cervix….. I called my mother and she said for sure I was in labor because this was exactly what happen to her.. As the day went on things weren’t constant enough for me to call the dr’s so I went to bed and didn’t sleep at all that night.. The next day I had to work and continued to feel this over all horrible feeling… again that night I didn’t sleep at all.. my stomach was so big from the twins being in there I was so uncomfortable and just wanted to get some rest.. the next day was the same but this day I called the dr’s.. Dr. Dolisi told me to go to Madonna for my next appointment (the next day) and have them take my blood pressure and make sure everything was OK… so the next day (Wednesday) I changed my appointment for that day and went into the office… all the nurses took one look at me and said “you never look bad and today you look horrible, you are in labor” They hooked me up to the monitors and I was contracting about every 7 minutes (this wasn’t uncommon for me).. the nurse said that she was going to recommend me to go the hospital anyway to get an internal (why they don’t that there is beyond me) because she said they knows this look and she was sure this was it for me… she gave me a hug and sent me off to the hospital for the third time this pregnancy… The whole family went also because everyone was sure this was it.. I got into the hospital and got into my room.. the resident dr’s came into the room and did the internal and said “do you want to have these babies now naturally because you are 4 centimeters” I said NO!!! call my dr’s for the c-section… Two minutes later I had about 10 people in the room prepping and rushing me around to get me into an emergency c-section.. they called Dr. Dolisi and he canceled his the rest of his day in the office and was at the hospital in about 15 minutes.. When he got there he did his own internal and said “you aren’t 4 centimeters you are only 1”.. I couldn’t believe it.. this stupid resident dr had screwed up.. he said to me that he would like to cook these two babies alittle longer (I was 35 weeks)… and he wanted me to make it another two weeks… The monitors were picking up that I was contracting every 2 minutes and my father (who works in hospitals and reads all these monitors) was saying you are having some pretty big contractions, and trust me I was feeling them… Dr. D asked how I felt and I told him like crap and he said to stay the night and lets see how it goes.. about an hour later I had about there BIG contractions and said to the nurse that I need something to take the edge off for the night.. she asked the dr and he came back in and said that if he had to give me something he might as well do the c-section.. I said fine lets get it started… I was in so much pain and just couldn’t hold out another 2 weeks… I was in the room about 15 minutes later and had the spinal done (again my tummy was so big I could hardly lean over for them to the do the spinal).. I laid down they did the catheder and had the babies out in about 5 minutes.. they didn’t let me see them until I was in recovery.. but I did hear them crying and it was the best sound I ever heard.. My DH went over to them and took pictures.. it took about 45 minutes for them to put me back together and then they wheeled me into recovery where I held my two babies for the first time.. I fell in love with one look at them… They took my son into the NICU right way because he was having trouble breathing and my daughter went into the NICU the next day for having a problem keeping her temp. She was able to go home with me that Monday and my Son came home the following week on Tuesday.. They both just a joy and I am so grateful that they are healthy… I felt so guilty for not being able to hold out those two extra weeks because my son was in the NICU and I spent many days in watching him with all the tubes and crying my eyes out.. But there were two things that got me through it which was my DH and the amazing nurses in the NICU.. they were amazing and can’t say enough about how kind, caring and compassionate these women are. They taught us everything we needed to know and took such great care of my son. I have to say that I hated being pregnant but I would do it all again because these babies are truly a blessing and a miracle!!!! I had a very easy recovery from the c-section and I was up and walking the next day.. the nurses couldn’t believe it but I was so concerned about the babies that I just didn’t focus any energy on myself.
Thanks for reading and here are some pictures of my babies!!!!! I love you Gabrielle and AJ


Message edited 10/23/2008 6:05:39 PM.

Posted 10/23/08 7:36 AM

My family is complete

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Re: Gabrielle and AJ October 2nd 2008

Congrats they are beautiful!!Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon

Posted 10/23/08 4:08 PM

Mommy to 3 boys!

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Re: Gabrielle and AJ October 2nd 2008

Congrats!!!! Chat Icon

Posted 10/24/08 10:43 AM

Our life is complete

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Re: Gabrielle and AJ October 2nd 2008

So beautiful!! Congrats

Posted 10/26/08 10:48 AM

Love my boys soooo much!!!

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True love doesn't end with happily ever after...

Re: Gabrielle and AJ October 2nd 2008

They are beautiful. CongratsChat Icon Chat Icon

Posted 10/28/08 10:54 AM

LIF Infant

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Re: Gabrielle and AJ October 2nd 2008

congrats they are adorable

Posted 11/21/08 2:59 PM

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