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Here’s my extremely long failed-induction-turned-c-section birth story.

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Here’s my extremely long failed-induction-turned-c-section birth story.

My due date came and went. I was totally frustrated and was breaking down every day to my poor DH. It was torture. They scheduled me for 2 Non stress tests and sonograms- the first 3 days past my due date, the 2nd 7 days past. The first one we passed with flying colors. Baby had tons of amniotic fluid and was moving happily around in the womb. We were sent home.. This was Thursday.

The following Monday we had the 2nd NST and sono. We went for the sono and then back up to the birthplace. As the nurse was hooking me up to the monitor she asked me if my fluid was low at our first sono. She was sort of skimming around the fact that something wasn’t quite right with my sono. About 15 minutes later, the head nurse came in the room and said they were sending me back for a more detailed sono because my fluid levels had dropped by half!! After that, they wanted me to go to my scheduled OB appointment and see what the plan of action was going to be. So we had the more detailed sono- still showed the extremely low fluid and DS wasn’t moving around as much as he had been. Off to the OB’s office we went. As soon as my doctor came in the door she smiled and said “Today is the day!” I could have kissed her!! They scheduled us to be at the hospital at 4pm..

We ran home, I quickly repacked my bag, took a shower and watered our plants (who THINKS of these things when they’re about to have a baby?? Me!) We got to the Birthplace just at 4. As soon as I got into the room, a parade of midwives, nurses and doctors came in-each one all nicer than the next. I got checked and was still only 2cm dilated and about 80% effaced but I was having small contractions already every 5 minutes. They agreed to start cervadil at 6pm for 12 hours and then start Pitocin in the AM. I got the cervadil, no big deal. The contractions were more entertaining to watch on the monitor because I could barely feel more than a twinge- It was more centered in my cervix, like a menstrual cramp. After 2 trips to the bathroom, I had managed to dislodge the cervadil so they removed it. I had it in for only 6 hours but I was still contracting on my own so they decided to let me labor on my own during the night and still start Pitocin at 6AM. So they took me off the monitor, gave me a glorious sleeping pill and told me to get some rest.

At 5AM, they got me up and let me shower. The midwives from the previous day were back and they checked me and I was 4CM dilated and still 80% effaced. Still not feeling much in the way of contractions. They were there, I knew they were happening but I just wasn’t doing more than barely wincing . I had a brief moment at this point where I thought, “Hey! I’m almost halfway there. This is a breeze. Maybe I’ll just wait the pain meds out. Who knows- maybe I won’t even need it”. HA!

Pitocin is started at 6AM. Lowest dose. Immediately, the contractions intensified to the point where I told my DH to watch the monitor and tell me the minute the number started to decrease. I was still able to breathe through them though and I really wanted any pain medication I got to last me through the delivery and not crap-out when I’m mid-push. So the midwives were encouraging, letting me get up and onto a birthing ball to ease the back pain. At one point, I had a contraction that just lasted. I mean, it was a good 4 minutes long. My nurse came running in and said that wasn’t supposed to happen and they shut off the Pitocin for about an hour. While it was shut off, apparently the nurses had a little meeting with my DH and they asked him what my pain threshold was because most women at this point would be begging for their epidural. He knows my limit and told them I was coming close. He came to talk to me about it and I agreed to having some Nubain because I was still thinking that if I got the epi, it would wear off and I didn’t want that. They gave me the Nubain and I was in lala land. Holy cow. All I could do was point to the bed so they would put me back in. They checked me again and I was 5cm, almost 6. I couldn’t speak during the contractions but I was able to sleep in-between them. I really don’t remember this part at all. The Pitocin was now on the highest dose possible, I’m contracting every 2-3 minutes and the Nubain wore off. Woah. When those contractions broke through that Nubain, I was RIPPED from my drugged stupor and all of the sudden it was an emergency to get that epidural. Thank GOD the anesthesiologist was on-call literally just waiting for me. So he arrived really quickly and did his magic. Epi was really so easy in comparison to the rest of the stuff I went through that day. Once it was in, they checked me again and broke my water. It was filled with thick meconium- my first indication that things were going south. They decided to put in an Intra-Uterine Pressure Catheter to more effectively measure my contractions. Unfortunately, my epidural had one patch on my left side that didn’t take. It felt like one stripe down the length of my belly and into my cervix that I could feel the contraction. And when they put the IUP in, it happened to be on that side of my uterus. They left me for an hour and checked me again and I was still stuck at 6CM. The 2 midwives, 2 nurses and doctor all came into the room to explain to me that things weren’t progressing and that DS was starting to get stressed from the 23 hours of contractions and his little heart-rate was starting to take some dips. We agreed it was time to get him out healthy rather than stress him anymore.

Things moved so quickly from here. They put DH into scrubs, the anesthesiologist came back and fixed my patchy epidural and off to the OR we went. DS got stuck on the way out and they needed to pull him out with a vacuum. They brought him right over to the warmer when he came out so I only heard a faint little cry while they were sucking the goo out of him. But when they brought that little wrapped bundle over to DH and me, oh my goodness! I couldn’t believe after all the months of waiting our teeny little munchkin had arrived. He was a mirror of my husband. He was absolutely so worth the wait. He’s amazing and we are so much in love with him it hurts. I seriously can’t picture what our life was like before him and he’s only been here a little more than 2 weeks!

Posted 6/19/08 6:46 PM

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Re: Here’s my extremely long failed-induction-turned-c-section birth story.

wow, quite a story. but he is so cute and adorable. congratulations!!!

Posted 6/19/08 7:12 PM

s'il vous plaît

Member since 6/07

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Re: Here’s my extremely long failed-induction-turned-c-section birth story.

amazing story with a wonderful happy ending!! congrats again sweetie Chat Icon

Posted 6/19/08 7:44 PM

2 under 2...whew!!

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Re: Here’s my extremely long failed-induction-turned-c-section birth story.

I can't wait to feel what that's like. Well, not the patchy epidural and not the 4 minute-long contractions, but that feeling of love!

I can't wait to meet your little guy! Chat Icon

Posted 6/19/08 8:05 PM

My Life. My Everything.

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Re: Here’s my extremely long failed-induction-turned-c-section birth story.

YAY LAURA CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN!!!!! Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon

Posted 6/25/08 8:53 AM


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Re: Here’s my extremely long failed-induction-turned-c-section birth story.

congrats!!!!!Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon

Posted 6/25/08 3:39 PM

Mommy's Girls! ♥

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Re: Here’s my extremely long failed-induction-turned-c-section birth story.

Fantastic story! Congratulations Mommy!! Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon

Posted 6/26/08 4:09 AM

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