Can't belive i'm posting this it feels like yesterday that i had her and a dream.
But i love telling my story.

I went in at 6:30am to be induced.

The nurse came in at 7:30am to set me up in the system etc.

Then at 8 she started my iv of my antibotic and my potion.

THen my doctor came in the check me to see if i dialted more i was still 3.

So he said that he is going to come in at 9:30 to brake my water.

So he came in the brake my water it felt really werid when he did that it felt like i peed myself and it keep on coming out.

So he said that he will be back to check me to see if i dilated more.

So at 12:30 he came to check me again and i was at 6cms.

Before they were all were like u are so happy for being in labor. Cause i was all smiles. But they go we will know when u will need the epi when u are not smileing anymore.

Then i started to feel the contrations more and i told my nusre Tammy that i wanted my epi.
That hurt bad but not that bad. It felt like a bad bee sting.

But after that it felt like heaven.
Didn't feel anything i took a nap watched tv. While Dh sleeped lol.

SO they said that they will come back later to see if i progressed any more.

So they came at 3:30 i was at 8.

With in like 15 mins i started to feel pressue down there like i had to take a big crap sorry. But i started to feel everything again not the contrations but down there i felt pain.
I was like tammy i have to push she is like no Christina i just checked u are only at 8.

I said no please check me so she did i was 10cms fully dialted. So she is like don't push let me get the doctor so they came in got me and themselves setup i was pushing in between.

Man i wanted to get it out so bad cause it hut alittle and i just wanted to be done pushing i was so tired from it.
I was pushing till 4:17
when she came out into this world. It felt so werid when she came out my belly went down and all that pressue was gone. I tore alittle bit i had to have 3 stitches.
But all in all my birth was a great one i would do it again. I have not complats at all.

When she came out i was crying and happiness and when they gave her to me i was crying even more.
Dh started to cry to. It was so cute.
I love her to death
everytime i see her hold her i told her that i love her so much and cried more. I could not ask for more she means the world to me.

But my labor nurse was great she did alot for me. She was great i could not thank her enough.

Brianna Sky came in to the world on May 8,2007 at 4:17 6Lbs 7ounces 20 inches long

So happy that my labor was only 8 hours they were so shock at me for a first timer that i went that fast.

BUt i'm doing good my back hurts that is really it.

Brianna is doing really good she is such a good baby she only crys when she is hungry or has to be changed.

She has alittle bit of jandice so they are keep up on that and her weight cause when she left she lost weight she was 6 1 when we left. So they want to see every week till she gains it back.

SHe is not doing good at the breastfeeding i'm going to keep on trying. But i have been pumping and giving her the breast milk and the formula.