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Baby rash under chin/neck

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LIF Adolescent

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Baby rash under chin/neck

Formula dribbled down my DD chin and under her neck has become irritated. Can I put diaper rash cream under there...maybe vaseline?

Message edited 6/8/2007 9:47:31 AM.

Posted 6/8/07 9:47 AM
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Re: Baby rash under chin/neck

I would use a warm washcloth.

My MIL kept suggesting to put vaseline on my dcs' faces during teething, but as a new I couldn't bring myself to do (what if he ingests it?)

Posted 6/8/07 9:49 AM

Happy Days!

Member since 8/05

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Re: Baby rash under chin/neck

You can indeed use a diaper rash cream, if you don't take care of it it can get infected, anything to act as a barrier cream will work well.

Posted 6/8/07 9:51 AM

LIF Toddler

Member since 5/07

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Re: Baby rash under chin/neck

I have the same thing with my son. I am finding that Aquaphor or A&D Ointment helps!!

Posted 6/8/07 9:55 AM


Member since 5/05

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Re: Baby rash under chin/neck

Same thing happened to Hannah. I clean it with a warm washcloth, pat it dry and put Aquaphor on it. It heals it pretty quick (my ped said any kind of diaper cream would work.)

I also put Aquaphor only (not diaper cream) around her mouth, cheeks and chin since she's teething and getting irritated. I figured that's what they make chapstick out of. Also, not to compare a baby to a cat - but my vet tells me to let my cat lick vaseline off my finger for a hairball - so I don't think it can be that harmful if she ingest a little from licking her lips.

But do what makes you comfortable.

Message edited 6/8/2007 9:59:36 AM.

Posted 6/8/07 9:59 AM

Love my son!

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Re: Baby rash under chin/neck

Honestly I don't think I put anything on it. I washed it lightly with water, patted it dry and tried my best to air it out - which was tough with all the baby neck rolls! Chat Icon

ETA - I just remembered. At night I put Aquaphor on him. During the day I tried to just air it out.

Message edited 6/8/2007 10:04:41 AM.

Posted 6/8/07 10:00 AM

Life is good...

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Re: Baby rash under chin/neck

Steven has had this since he was just a few weeks old. From the drooling and just when it clears up, he gets it right back again. I have tried EVRYTHING and nothing works!!!!!!!!

I just use Aveeno Baby lotion under his neck. It seems to sooth it and in the morning it looks good. By the night, it's red again.Chat Icon

Posted 6/8/07 10:01 AM

My Everything!

Member since 11/05

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Re: Baby rash under chin/neck

Cailen gets this! He has no neck, I swear, so it all dribbles and gets lost....

I wipe him under his chin a few times a day with a wet wash cloth - I reeeeally have to dig under there to get it out - it helps to lift him and tilt his head back a bit.... I haven't put anything on it - I figured with regular washes, it should get better on its own....

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Posted 6/8/07 10:05 AM


Member since 5/06

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Re: Baby rash under chin/neck

I was going to put this post up today. Paige always has a red irritated neck and it never goes away. Between the drool and formula its so red. Maybe I will try either Aquaphor or diaper rash cream.

Posted 6/8/07 10:09 AM

Fun in the Snow!

Member since 11/06

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Re: Baby rash under chin/neck

Taylor constantly has formula hiding in the folds of her neck. I even have a hard time getting to it while in the bathtub. I try to hold her and tilt her neck, I use a warm washcloth and then put Aquaphor on it

Posted 6/8/07 10:22 AM

Hope is Contagious....catch it

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Re: Baby rash under chin/neck

Posted by 2boysmom

I have the same thing with my son. I am finding that Aquaphor or A&D Ointment helps!!

same here

Posted 6/8/07 11:03 AM

Barb-Never removing this pic!

Member since 11/05

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Re: Baby rash under chin/neck

Aquaphor. It is the only thing I put on his face.

Posted 6/8/07 12:24 PM

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