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Meeting Of The Minds: How To Excel At Company Meetings
We all want to excel at our work/career and get ahead in life. And, if you’re like most of us, you thought that’s what college was for. Still, experts and professionals alike point out that while college may have given you the book smarts and the key to open the door, it likely did not prepare ... Read On
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Financially Driven: Getting The Most Out Of Your Vehicle For The Least Amount Of Money.
With the holidays quite literally just around the corner, and most of our friends and family a bit further than that, for many of us that means hitting the road, rather than staying home for the holidays. But between presents and gas prices, may mean that Santa may have to tighten his financial ... Read On
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A Fresh Start: Getting Your Workspace Into Shape
A recent “poll” if you will, posed the question of “Is your home space “tidy” or “lived in”. And with the reply being somewhat split down the middle, many of the “there’s a place for everything and everything has its place” folk admitted that sometimes things can get a bit “cluttered”, especially ... Read On
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Debt Dilemma: Helping Your Mate Handle Debt
We’ve all been in some kind of financial bind at one point in life or another. Yet, allowing such arduous financial mistakes to proliferate is a very costly mistake. It can be especially costly if your mate is the one in (perpetual) debt and may need you to come to the rescue. While, it’s true ... Read On
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Buying Power: Is It Better To Lease Or Buy?
Now that you are officially a family or have expanded your family (to include children) you may soon find yourself in the market for two dependable cars, and/or perhaps at least one that is more suited and suitable to parenthood and “family” life. But, before you make a decision on which care is ... Read On
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Homework Help: Income Opportunities For Stay-At-Home Spouses/Parents
We all like the feeling of being independent yet we all complain about the daily grind, and most of us have a “love-hate” relationship with being in the workforce. Also, its no surprise that many newly married ladies and mommies struggle with the notion of staying in the workforce or staying ... Read On
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Put Your Money Where Your Morals Are: A Look At Socially Responsible Investing
Investing is one of the smartest things we can do for our future. But, it’s equally as important to know just how to invest and what to invest in. And, money making potential isn’t the only thing savvy investors take into consideration. In fact, socially responsible investing (SRI) has been ... Read On
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Taking A Stand: How Savvy Employers Are Preventing Employees From Sitting Down On The Job
Every employer wants employees that are happy, enthusiastic and that he/she can count on. But, employees that are lethargic, “bored”, or out sick (frequently) can cut back on payroll but can also cut into productivity and revenue. And, it’s for these reasons that more and more employees are ... Read On
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You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello: Knowing When To Hang On And When To Let Go Of A Less Than Gratifying Job.
In this day and age, most of us are lucky to have a job and the ability to support ourselves. And many of us may find ourselves that we never or no longer want and like. Still, we stick it out just to make ends meet. Yet, according to experts while you can never find the ideal employment and the ... Read On
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Backed In A Career Corner: Strategies For Managing Your Work And Your Life
The road to wedded bliss may sometimes have a few bumps along the way. And, for many couples the first “fight(s)” they have revolve around financial fiascos. Yet, according to experts working out your differences regarding work and money can literally pay off (in your favor) in the long ... Read On
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Where Credit Is Due: Clearing Up Your Credit Score
We all work hard to get or stay out of debt and are likely proud of paying our bills off on time, but now, some experts are saying that, that may not be our best option. In fact, they note, that paying off debt may actually (in some cases) be detrimental. They assert that because the credit ... Read On
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Preserving The Professional Environment: Rules For Working With The Opposite Sex
Women in the workforce, not a new concept but one that still in need of a few novel ideas for helping ladies from becoming just an overlooked and/or envied office “novelty”. As we all know, working for, or with other women can make it challenging based on “female” rivalry and competition alone, ... Read On
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