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Don’t Go There: The Truth About Your Dream Destination

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By Mia Bolaris-Forget

There’s things we’ve always wanted to do, and places we’ve always wanted to see, but when it comes to actually following through, it just may seem a bit too “risky”. Let’s face it, we’ve all heard the rumors, especially about our “favourite” far-away places. But just how much of hearsay is true. The experts weigh in.

1. The London Fog: London get a bad rap about being damp, dank, and rainy. However, in reality, when it comes to actual rainfall, it’s quite low on the list, with an average of 23 inches a year, compared to Miami which get 60 inches of rainfall each year. The trick however, is timing. Experts suggest summer as the best sight-seeing season which is usually warmer and sunnier. They even add that the food’s gotten much better, making England, believe it or not, one of those places that’s bucked stereotypes and become one of the best places for fine dining.

2. Asian Aversion: You may have heard that it’s impolite to make eye contact, even while talking, with the Japanese. And, while that may have once been true, experts say that’s no longer the case. Although back in the 1800s and early 1900s it was considered rude to look an elder in the eyes while speaking, Western culture has made that rigid rule, obsolete. In fact, in today’s world NOT looking at someone while addressing them would be considered strange and potentially rude.

3. The City Is Still Sinking: That’s what most of us are still inclined to believe about Venice. But, according to experts, that’s not necessarily true. In fact, they suggest that Venice is no long losing ground, though up until 1970 it was dipping deeper into the sea due to an acquifer just below it that was being drained to give water to the mainland. Since however, they’ve stopped tapping into the acquifer and Venice has actually gained ground by about a half an inch. On the other hand, thanks to global warming and rising sea levels, Venice remains at risk for flooding in low-lying locals. But, as long as precautions such as underwater floodgates (currently under construction), are taken, Venice will remain a beautiful tourist attraction for quite a while.

4. Rude Awakenings: Some people may be ambivalent to wake up in The City That Never Sleeps and encounter one of its many rude rouges. But, experts admonish against buying into the stereotype. In fact, they suggest that many New Yorkers are actually quite friendly and have a while seeming “on guard” and “standoffish” can have a huge heart. They add that their perceived “indifference” may simply be a result of living in such a large city with lots of hustle and bustle and the need for their own sanctuary and space, unless approached and spoken to first. And as far as “rude” behaviour such as “rushing you off”, it’s simply part of life in the BIG CITY, where everything moves at a much faster pace than most are comfortable with or use to.

5. An “Undrground” Secret: At least that’s the rumor about a city under Disneyland But, according to experts no such city actually exists. The only thing they confirm, that actually exists is something know as utilidors, the term Disney has assigned to a system of tunnels running under the park, allowing for the costumed cast members to get from one place to another privately.

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