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Success Addicts: The Truth About Crystal Meth, The Kids Who Are Addicted, And What You Need To Know and Look Out For

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By Mia Bolaris-Forget

Okay mom and dad, you so you moved out of the urban jungle to give your child (children) a chance to get “high” on life and “high” on the merits of better living provided by acceptable choices and a readily available above average education. Well, you’ll be glad to know that many of them did exactly what you expected, and whether you’re aware of it or not, are in fact getting “high”.

Every generation has its drug of choice. In the 20’s and 30’s it was booze and cigarettes, in the 50’s, 60s, and part of the 70s, it was pot, purple microdot and other hallucinogenics, the 80s and 90s gave us cocaine and heroine chic, and here we are in a new millennium with crystal meth being the poison of preference.

Gaining popularity among various “biker” gangs in the 80’s this highly addictive stimulant is offering suburban straight -A students and exceptional academic achievers a more intense “rush” than a triple shot latte and just about at the same cost. For only $5 a hit, and statistics indicating that more than 5% of high schoolers (before they graduate) have tried or regularly a rely on it’s effects, making it crystal clear that crystal meth is among the most prevalent and pervasive addictions for teens and a very real concern for parents.

Crystal blue’s persuasion is not necessarily anything new and just newly popularized, and lies in its incredible addictiveness. According to experts, what’s most frightening about this substance, is, that unlike other drugs, it offers little or no room for “recreational” use. They note, there’s no such think as “casual” use, those who try it are generally hooked immediately, with the younger users being the ones most at risk. Furthermore, (hold on to your seats), methamphetamine is more readily and easily available than alcohol and cigarettes and is quickly becoming the first mood altering substance children “experiment” with. Stimulating the central nervous system via the release of dopamine, it provides teens with a feeling of euphoria, brilliance, and of being in control…all emotions that teens tend to lack (naturally) in adolescence. Plus, these feelings can last for up to 14 hours.

Unfortunately, these long lasting results, only “last” for so long, and eventually users need an increased dosage for the same results. Additionally, long-term usage results in insomnia, weight-loss, anxiety, aggressiveness, tremors; paranoia and can even disturb the normal neurotransmitter in the brain, slowing cognitive and motor functions. Additionally, experts note, that while ALL long term effects are not yet thoroughly verified or identified, they do know that high doses of the drug may also elevate heart rate and put the user at risk for a potentially fatal stroke, convulsions, psychotic episodes and in some cases self destructiveness.

No need to worry, you say. After all, your child may be somewhat rebellious, sometimes, but certainly “not the type”. Besides, he or she is a top athlete and a top achiever. Well, contrary to the stigma associated with other types of drug users, methamphetamine is most popular among the most popular and eager achievers. In fact, many of them claim, they are attracted to its ability to give them that extra energy they need to keep up with the often weighty academic and extracurricular work load. Besides these attractive traits, it also helps curb appetite and keep weight down, which makes it especially appealing to female teens. According to the numbers, girls are three times more likely to their male counterparts to choose meth over other forms of recreational enhancement. Meth is in fact, not only known as “crystal”, “ice” or “crank”, but as the “Jenny Crank Diet”.

Professionals point out that it’s especially imperative to be mindful and watchful regardless of your child’s outward “normal” disposition and his or her continued academic excellence. They note that teens are supposed to have lots of energy and some typical teen sloth, but an excess of either can spell serious trouble. They also note that crystal meth is much more dangerous than drugs of other generations, including marijuana and cocaine. Even if your child is NOT doing drugs, but is displaying either lots of lethargy or energy or strange combination of both, experts suggest discussing the situation with them and even demanding a drug test….after all, better safe than sorry.

Long Island Family Life & Parenting Articles > Success Addicts: The Truth About Crystal Meth, The Kids Who Are Addicted, And What You Need To Know and Look Out For

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