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Bathing Beauty: Some Hot Tips For A Sizzling Swim Suit Body In A Pinch

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By Mia Bolaris-Forget

Whether you’re preparing for your honeymoon or hitting the beach your probably stressing over baring your essentials. Fear not, help is hot on it’s heals to getting you let your guard down and getting your bottoms up.

Here’s some expert advice for a quick fix sure to help you make a splash:

1. Eat, Drink and Be Merry: Professionals point out the importance of sinking your teeth into each new day, quite literally. They note that having something to eat soon after you get up is one of the most efficient ways to get your motor running and prevent you from gaining weight. Experts emphasize that you don’t have to eat much, but that even a small morning “snack” (a piece of toast or fruit with your coffee) serves to boost your energy and your metabolism.

2. Lift Your Spirit: Exercise has many benefits. Besides helping you stay toned and physically fit, it also releases endorphins that elevate your mood, and reduce stress. Experts also stress that stress can often result in excess fat deposits and they also recommend (in addition to exercise), daily meditation and prayer…. “Who ever said you couldn’t pray for thinner thighs?”

3. Sitting Pretty: If you’re one of the many who firmly believe that watching TV is no way to work your butt off….experts advise you to “think again”. Industry professionals note, that even the most sedentary sorts can NOW stay physically fit, even in front of the “boob tube”. They recommend standing up and sitting down (during each commercial break) until you are tired, and the break is over. Furthermore they suggest keeping good form, working the abs along with the legs, and really doing the exercise correctly.

4. No Gusto, No Glory: Nutrition professions note that one of the key ingredients in maintaining a healthy weight is by maintaining a healthy metabolism; and they say, that spicy foods may give not only your food, but your system an added “kick”. They recommend using mustard instead of ketchup or mayo and adding hot sauce or cayenne pepper to your food for an added boost.

5. Go To Extremes: Snack on or serves foods that are either very hot or very cold. In fact, experts say that going to extremes can be extremely important in helping you maintain an “ideal” weight and “limiting” the amount you eat. Very cold and very hot foods have the tendency to warrant eating slower, giving your body the time needed to signal to your brain that you are full. They also suggest, that if you are serving food that’s “too hot to handle” (or at least over-indulge in) place the remaining portion back in the oven after everyone has been served to keep the temperature “up there” and “discourage” additional indulgence.

6. Put Another Notch In Your Belt: Literally! Experts note that by wearing tight clothes you will feel confined sooner and will be less inclined to eat more. They recommend wearing pants with buttons and zippers (as opposed to those with elastic waistbands), and/or tightening your belt a notch or two.

7. Water Down Your Meals: Drink a glass or two of water before sitting down to eat. Not only will you be getting your daily intake of H2O, and hydrating your skin, but you’ll also be filling up your belly so that you won’t eat as much.

8. Talk The Talk While You Walk The Walk: Make all your calls while taking a walk. Walk briskly and keep your arms moving (at a steady pace) too.

9. Stop and Stair: Before taking the elevator, elevate your metabolism and your assets by turning around and taking the stairs. If you start to feel tired. Slow down or stop and take the elevator from that floor or simply wait a bit until you regain your strength. Another option is holding on to the handrail for support and also as a means or doing calf raises at the top of the stairs.

10. Fat-Substitutes: We’ve all heard of sugar substitutes, but experts suggest making a fat-substitute daily to burn off those excess pounds. Opt for milk instead of creamer, fruit instead of cookies, cakes and other sweets, get a taste for a naturally thinner you.

11. Give Notice: Tell everyone you can. Friends, family and colleagues (you trust) can serve as an important part of helping you pull your weight and drop the weight.

12. Develop a Rewards System: Go ahead, indulge, at least in swimsuit you had your eye on but were afraid to try on. Use this as a visual and tangible stimulus and an incentive to stick to your newly implemented good habits and daily regimen.

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