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For Worse Not Better: How We Are Responsible For Harming Our Health

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By Mia Bolaris-Forget

We all have “bad” habits that are detrimental to our lifestyle and health. The obvious ones, such as drinking, smoking, etc. are well, obvious. But, according to experts we have some more unobtrusive and “less harmful” habits, which may be just as “destructive” and “dangerous”.

1. Dinner Theater: Home entertainment systems in most of our rest and relaxations zones is bad enough in contributing to making most of us sofa spuds, but putting TVs in our kitchen can contribute to mindless munching as we are putting away groceries or preparing meals. Instead experts suggest placing an entertainment unit by your workout equipment so that you can “lose’ yourself in your favorite shows and “lose’ track of how much time you’ve actually spent working out.

2. Destructive Dining: It’s bad enough we are a generation of fast foods, and quick and easy meals laden with fat and calories, and that most of us have cupboards full of chips, dips, and other such fatty foods. But, according to professionals we are just as bad in public as we are in private. In fact, we tend to order fatty (restaurant) entrees without a second thought. Experts suggest not only reading the menu carefully but also asking questions about preparation and alternatives (including available substitutions).

3. We’re Bad To The Bone: Experts assert that while most of us get some dairy by adding milk to our coffee or by indulging in some ice cream or frozen yogurt, they suggest that most of it is in negligible amounts and/or full of sugar. And, they add that most of us don’t get enough calcium and other essential nutrients found in low-fat dairy products such as skim milk, cheese, yogurt and fortified OJ. They suggest (in addition to incorporating such items in our diet) taking a daily calcium supplement that contains vitamin D and magnesium.

4. We Don’t Read As Much As We Use To: At least not when it comes to the important things like food labels and what we are actually putting into our bodies. Experts note, that if we actually looked at what we were eating (or about to eat) we would see that other than fat all they offer is empty calories and little or NO nutrition. Plus, many can (in the long run) do us more harm than good.

5. Too Much Junk In Our Trunk And On Our Plate: From white breads, pastas, potatoes, etc., we indulge more in foods we don’t need than those we do, and that are actually good for us, and helping us ward off disease. According to experts almost 75% of the population admits to not getting the proper amount of daily recommended fruits and veggies in their diet. And, they remind us, that only a small cup of O.J. is equal to one fruit serving and a half cup of cooked spinach amounts to one vegetable serving, so getting your greens is easier than you may think.

6. We Fail To Focus On Our Weak Spots: Professionals point out that most of us don’t get as much exercise as we should, and we fail to strength train as often as we should. They note that pumping iron strengthens bones and increases your body’s fat and calorie-burning ability. And, all you need is 10 minutes three times a week.

7. We Are Going Up In Smoke: Even if we don’t personally smoke, most of us know someone who does, and that can be just as damaging to our health. In fact, experts assert that spending just one hour around a smoker can be like smoking four cigarettes yourself.

8. We Are Driven (In All The Wrong Areas): While being driven in life and in your career may be a good thing, experts note that most of us don’t possess the drive to walk. In fact, we’re inclined to walk everywhere, even just across the street. And, they note that just 30 minutes a day of walking, even broken down into shorter intervals can result in increased energy and greater weight loss and control.

9. We Have An I’m All Right, You’re All Right Mentality: Until we feel like there is or may be something seriously wrong, many of us fail to have routing medical exams and checkups. Yet, experts point out that seeing medical professionals is essential to helping maintain your continued health and for monitoring certain silent killers such as high blood pressure. Remember, early detection is the key (for many ailments and illnesses) but you can’t be helped or treated if you don’t see your doctor.

10. We Believe Ignorance Is Bliss: We have little or no understanding of our bodies, how they work, what is good for them (overall and individually), and we also don’t monitor our own health. Experts suggest being an active patient, taking note of your own body and any and all changes and not only monitoring them but also having them checked out if you have any questions or concerns. Remember, the more you know about your own body, the better your chances of knowing when there is something (potentially serious) wrong.

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