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Color By Number How To Celebrate Your Beauty Through The Years

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By Mia Bolaris-Forget

Every age is beautiful in its own way…and according to experts, one way on ensuring that beauty is by taking care of yourself internally and externally. Starting from the outside in, here are some beauty tips for every season of your life.

Your twenties are a time in your life when you and your body/skin are still fairly resilient. It’s also the time in your life where a new more demanding lifestyle, and added responsibilities begin to take their toll. And, the best time to start “age-proofing” yourself through your regimen.

· Be generous with sunscreen usage: Despite your new “grown up” status your still probably spending lots of time outdoors (especially in your early twenties). Damage now won’t hesitate to make its mark and will definitely show up later. Taking precautions are your best anti-aging defense.
· Daily Cleanser: You’re at the age where your face will actually start show signs of fatigue and “aging” and the effects of the past. Preserves your skin from both elements and years of makeup use by cleansing thoroughly every day.
· Eye Cream: Dark circles, “bags” and fine lines show up around the eyes first. Keep hydrated and protected.
· Concealer: Use sparingly and only as needed. Ideal for those under-eye circles, darkness, and “bags”
· Tinted Moisturizer: A lightweight, dual purpose “alternative” to foundation. Covers up blemishes but keeps skin hydrated.
· Stick Foundation: Consider using only to cover up unsightly blemishes. Make sure its natural looking by finding the exact match to your skin color and tone.

A time in your life where you are probably settled into adulthood and more comfortable with yourself and your life….and you less concerned about making a “bold” statement than letting your natural beauty shine through. Plus, your still most likely looking and feeling pretty good. You go girl.

· Moisture Rich Moisturizer: Skin begins to loose its natural moisture so investing in a good, healthy moisturizer (with SPF 15 or more) for use twice daily is highly recommended. Choose oil-free products for blemish prone skin
· Eye Cream: Besides “tired” eyes, skin is usually drier in your 30s. Get into the practice of using a moisture rich eye cream before concealer and foundation.
· Concealer: Use sparingly (if you have to) to cover up under-eye circles, darkness and fine lines.
· Foundation: Or better yet tinted moisturizer for a smooth, even complexion if you don’t have one naturally.
· Two Blushes: Two shades are better than one for women in their thirties, especially for bringing back that youthful glow. Choose one that blends effortlessly into your skin and another a shade darker to “rejuvenate” and “wake up” your face
· Natural Lips: Choose a neutral lip color that has staying power. For a real natural look, consider “all-natural” products.
· Give Your Look Some Extra Special Attention: Pack a bag of readily accessible little necessary essentials and keep it with you in the car.
· Face Cleansing Wipes: A great idea for quick easy removal of makeup when you just don’t have time to deep clean and wash.

According to recent research the “NEW” 30s. Whether you have kids on the road to university and “adulthood” or are just getting your family started, it’s a time in your life where your confidence and accomplishments will allow you to have fun, enjoy the experience…an look you very best doing it.

· SPF Lotion: With kids almost out of the house and perhaps the opportunity to relax out in the sun more, or with little ones you are running after in the park, your skin is probably getting more sun these days and needs a bit of extra protection. Consider lavishing your body with an SPF protective lotion.
· Eye Cream: To moisten delicate skin around the eyes giving you a more “youthful” fresh-faced appearance, make sure you keep your eyes hydrated before adding concealer and other makeup
· Heavier Moisturizer: By age 40, your skin has most likely lost a significant amount of moisture, especially if you haven’t been keeping up with your water intake. Invest in a heavier moisturizer to revitalize your look.
· Concealer: Wakes up tired eyes.
· Foundation: Look for a “heavier” tinted moisturizer or a lightweight foundation. Use sparingly to conceal any redness and even out skin tone.
· Blush: Add the rosiness back to your cheeks with a subtle, natural looking blush.
· Eyeliner: Give your eyes definition and a quick pick me up with a few strategically added extra “lines” in all the right places. Keep it light and subtle and make sure the shade you choose is not too outstanding or bold.
· Hair Highlights: A great way to rejuvenate your look and style and brighten your face.

Most women still feel sexy but want to present themselves with a more refined air of sophistication at this age. Today’s woman is generally still vibrant, energetic and “out there”….and quite capable of successfully competing with her younger “counterparts”. She sees herself a lot like fine wine and cheese…getting better with age.

· Add More Softness and Moisture: Get or keep sensational skin with extra rich pure moisturizers that help keep skin fresh, clean and natural looking….and makes lines less noticeable.
· Creamy Foundation: Look for natural moisturizing formulas that easily and flawlessly blend into the skin without further “emphasizing” imperfections.
· Blush: Don’t be a “drama queen”. Look for bright colors that give your face a bright, natural glow and added lift.
· Lip Liner: Go for modest definition. Natural and light. Use simply to outline your lips great shape and to keep lipstick from feathering.
· Eyeliner: Slightly “heavier” usage may be required to further emphasize the eyes. Remember however to keep it noticeable but subtle.
· Eyebrow Defining Shadow: Use sparingly to draw extra attention to your eyes. Keep it light, natural, and soft.
· Hair Color: Color and cut may be the key to your fountain of youth. Remember, you don’t have to go short, short either…simple stick with a shade and style that give your face a youthful look and lift.

You’ve officially entered your “Golden Years” and it’s a “golden” opportunity to let your beauty shine. With more time to “pamper” and “spoil” yourself, you can maintain your youthful aura and combine it with an uncanny air of experience and confidence. Remember, you are now setting an example for your daughter (as she “catches up” in age, and for your granddaughter(s) who are journeying into womanhood)

· Hair Color: With “graying hair” comes an often significantly lighter skin tone. Don’t allow your beauty to pale in comparison. Go lighter and brighter and choose an easy to manage yet femininely attractive style.
· Cut Out The Curlers: Natural beauty is all the rage these days for the young and mature. Perms can be passé as can any style that required curlers and screams “look how OLD I am”. Free-flowing, manageable styles are best for al look of class, elegance, fun and sophistication WITHOUT the high maintenance.
· Clean and Moisturize: Look for pure, rich, creamy cleansers and moisturizers.
· Creamy Foundation: Make sure it’s fairly light in texture and glides easily over wrinkles without settling into them making them more noticeable.
· Cream blush: Bright, light, creamy and natural. Color should give your face a lift and go on smoothly and blend easily into skin.
· Concealer and Concealer Brush: A great way to cover spots and under eye circles if you need to.
· Lip Pencil: Keep in natural looking. Helps add shape and definition, especially to potentially “thinning” lips.
· Lipstick: Just enough but not too much color. Avoid too youthful tones and shimmers as well as heavy-handed application.

70s and Beyond:

Most likely the parents of adult offspring with lives, families and obligations of their own, you probably have more time to focus on yourself and your partner and to thoroughly enjoy life and all its beauty and splendor…maybe even with the kids and grandkids. Also, you are more likely (at this age than at any other to be retired). It’s the perfect time to indulge your dreams, but yourself.

· Re-Hydrate: Even if you’re going “easier” on the makeup these days, remember to replenish your skin’s moisture. Moisturize daily (even twice daily) with nutrient rich creams, oils and balms.
· Sheer Foundation: Use light, lucid foundation or lightly tinted moisturizer (plus concealer if needed). Heavy foundation can look mask-like.
· Strive For A Smooth Glow: Find a natural, creamy blush that blends easily and readily into skin. Add a hint of powder blush for staying power.
· Lipstick: Creamy, moisture-rich formulas tend to work best.
· Shadow: Consider for enhancing eyebrows.

Remember, these are merely professional tips. Experts however agree that often times a woman’s chronological age varies significantly from her “physical” age. Knowing yourself, your body, and what work best for you (obviously within acceptable parameters and limits) is key to looking and feeling your best. And, that’s really the “secret” of putting your best face forward.

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